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Concentrate Jar

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Concentrate containers are non-sticky containers in which wax, creams, oils and other small parts can be stored without canna packaging. The containers are made from silicone glass or high-quality plastic and are available in different sizes for easy storage. Black child protection caps provide additional protection for the safe transport of the product, and the product is visible through the clear glass of the container.    

The containers are small canisters used in the cannabis packaging industry to store potent and valuable and sought-after products. Polka dots are smaller glasses, sleeves, syringes, cartridges and other small glass, plastic or silicone containers intended for the ingestion of cannabis concentrates. From live resin packaging to adhesive containers, bulk and crumbling packaging, look for a collection of concentrate jars, cases, syrinx, bottles and more.  

Concentrated Dab containers are non-stick containers made of glass, food-safe plastic or silicone. Our glass concentrate containers are best suited to concentrate types, but cannot be used for adhesive packaging. Focused Cannabis Packaging Solutions is a folding box of marijuana packaging solutions tailored to the specifications of your concentrate container or extract jar.   

Plastic Shatter concentrate containers are small, ultra slim and perfect for holding small amounts of concentrate. Many plastic concentrate containers are well suited for live resin packaging, wax packaging, crumbling containers and much more. A good silicone swab container is close enough to maintain the quality of your concentrate.  

Made from premium quality glass, our 9ml square concentrate jars are equipped with a child-proof square lid. Wax containers in glass are best suited for all types of concentrate.   

The main reason people love silicone containers is how much they take the mess out of using concentrates. Concentrates, resins, sauces, buds etc. Can be stored in glass containers. Oral syringes are the best containers for storing valuable concentrates.   

With the increasing popularity of concentrate products in pharmacies and on the market cannabis packaging has gone from supporting flower products to concentrates. Experienced tinkerers know that concentrates are best stored in a non-stick silicone container.   

Some people do not mind buying and storing their concentrates in styrofoam or plastic containers. Instead of storing concentrates on parchment or paper, for example, choose a pleasing, non-breakable silicone glass.  

A high-quality storage container made of medical silicone ensures that your concentrate remains hygienic and uncontaminated. By storing your concentrate in silicone containers, you will never waste valuable materials.   

This 5 ml container is perfect for storing and selling marijuana concentrate. To store your concentrate for more than a few days, seal it with parchment and place it in a jar. Plastic glasses are excellent for storing concentrates that have a liquid consistency such as hash oil.  

As mentioned above, you cannot store your marijuana concentrates in ordinary containers. Our clear, slim shrapnel containers are perfect for hiding concentrates on the go. Since most concentrates have a sticky consistency, using the right storage container means less waste.  

Sooner Distributors is known in the Cannabis Packaging, Dispensary Supplies & Smoke Shop Supplies as a high quality glass container jar Located in Tulsa Oklahoma . Our offer includes various Concentrate jars in various sizes, including the glass concentrate jars.   

The modern design of the QBE jar offers a stylish and discreet way to store your concentrates. Classic options such as our premium square glasses QBE will help improve your business while maintaining the integrity of your products. 

Customized glasses are a way to promote your name and products that customers love and use every day. It keeps your oil and wax safe by gluing a glass jar to the inside.   

Due to the nature of the equipment we sell, we do not accept returns of used products for hygienic reasons. For this reason, we recommend researching the product you want to buy.   

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