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The Enail Erg is designed to avoid the need to heat the nail with a flashlight and to provide a torch-free dabbing experience by using a control box that produces heat directly to a coil connected to the nail itself. The E-Nail is compatible with most types of adhesives and eliminates the need for an external heating source, creating a nail that can be heated to the perfect temperature by itself. With all the new technology available in e-rigs, the e-nail dabbing brings serious benefits to dabbing and allows users, from novices to patients to long-time enthusiasts, a quick and easy way to benefit from dabbing with more flavor and consistency.    

Desktop nails, dab kits or portable nails will make your life easier because they don't need fuel to burn the nails hot. It uses a heating coil connected to a PID controller and you can change the temperature anywhere between 300 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit by pressing the button. The coil also includes a thermocouple sensor so you can see the temperature index of your Pid controller to find out the temperature of your nail banger.    

E-nail functions provide the dabber with an additional level of control and allow it to use its rig to deliver consistent results. With E-Nails, a dabber can simply switch on the device, set the desired temperature, wait until it indicates that it has reached that temperature, and then dab for an unlimited time without worrying about heat variations of any kind. E-nail rigs also offer the user more control over the temperature settings.    

In addition to providing unprecedented temperature control, e-nails also offer several other advantages. It eliminates the annoying use of a flashlight and eliminates the guesswork about the best temperature at which to spill.   

If you don't know e-nails yet, set them to the best temperature and then dab them off by reading your favorite temperature. The size of your nails determines how long you should give them to cool down. Use your swab to put wax on the nail and then let the swab read and dab the temperature.  

E Nails makes dabbing easy, so you can take a dab and dab off without having to wait until the heat is off the nail. E-Nails are available in a domeless version, which determines your ideal gluing temperature and ensures that everything fits correctly.   

As an added bonus, thanks to the ENail E-Nail's precise temperature control, your nail banger can withstand prolonged use without forming dirty combustion residues. E-Nail Rig promotes clean, low temperature swabs, with swabs at 315degF to 450degF being the lowest temperature for swabs. The ENail maintains a temperature that helps you save material and deliver consistent results. The e-nail rig remains clean because the user does not burn the material, but evaporates it at the optimum temperature of his choice.    

The best e-nail adhesives offer the highest temperature regulation, but are also the most expensive. For use at home we recommend Stable Desktop Enail Dab Kit Nails because they offer the best temperature for dabbing at 500 to 700 degrees Celsius. They also contain a series of titanium quartz bangers, so you can hide a bong blot system in a blot-ready piece.   

Our kit includes a nail coil, a carburetor cap, a digital control unit and a power cord. Put your kit together, place the coil on your nail and rig next to the mains / digital control unit / power cord and set your temperature to dab. Our E-Nail Kit includes a control box for heating coils, universal nails that fit on glass adhesives, carburetor caps, adhesive tools and instructions.    

At Dab Lab, we offer electronic adhesives and e-nail kits from trusted brands such as Puffco and HighFive, each with its own style and features. Our special charge of e-Nail kits - We Call It Our Hive Kit - is a charge of nail kits that come with your electric nails like our industry-exclusive 3-in-1 Trinity Nails - Paper, Ceramic - and Quartz - Nails with matching mats and containers with this kit.   

The E-Nail E-Rig is used for heated nails that maintain a constant, custom temperature. It provides a thermal spiral at the price of the temperature of the electricity. The PID controller for the heating coil is often supplied in 20mm or 16mm titanium nails or quartz pops.   

An e-nail is a dabbing device that is connected to a controller box and emits heat to the nail. E-nails can be used in conjunction with adhesive tape, a device used for dabbing.   

The term e-nail comes from an abbreviated version of the electric nail, a nailing device used in scanning devices where heat is concentrated. Abbreviation for electronic nail, an e-nail has a quartz, ceramic or titanium surface with temperature control. E-nails and electric blobs are simple devices in that they are a unit with a coil connected to the power supply.   

The box allows the control and manipulation of the nail temperature and gives the user the possibility to regulate the heat of his rig at the touch of a button. E-nails offer the user a precise temperature control of his nail, which is essential for a good nailing experience. An e-nail is an electronic adhesive device with a metal box that has a connection for the coil, a PID for measuring current and temperature of the coils and a switch.    

For dabbing, the user heats the nail with a torch and applies wax or oil while the nail is still hot. Electronic nails eliminate the challenging process of heating the nail with a butane torch and waiting for it to cool down. Regular non-electronic nails are heated with a flashlight, resulting in contradictory dabbing results. Luckily you can visit Sooner Distributors in Tulsa, Oklahoma to gain access to E-Nail while you still can

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