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Glass Pipe & Bong

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The  Glass Steam Roller Pipe is a small pipe that is ideal for travelling or at home. This glass pipe type is considered an improvement over the chillum pipe as they are similar in form and design but the bowl is located at one end of the tube and the smoker discards the product before use. The Glass Pipe is one of the most portable and discreet glass pipe designs as it can be stored and hidden.   

Glass pipe smoking is very popular because it is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your favorite herbs and tobacco blend. If you are looking for a bubble, a glass hand pipe offers you a dry smoke, i.e. A diffusion of your water-based smoke. Glass pipes with carbohydrate holes are used all over the world by smokers who prefer a clean and pure smoking experience.  

We are proud of our wide selection of high quality glass pipes as well as our impressive selection of affordable and inexpensive glass smoking pipes. Most of the newties glass pipes for sale include glass pipes smoking designs such as our metallic coated elephant head pipe, our angled crystal skull glass water pipe and our popular Pickle Rick Steamroller hand pipe with Multi-knocker (1,600 pieces) with their unique and complex designs. There are a few useful categories based on the size and shape of the pipe, so check out our Glass Pipe sales today to get the glass pipe that’s right for you.   

These orange, yellow and green neon smoke pipes are fun to look at and their old-school styling make them easy to use and provides better flavor and cleaner smoke. Fish patterns and color-changing pipes may not be as functional as color-changing pipes, but they are beautiful hand-blown glass works that don't look out of place in a display case. Shotgun tubes are in demand due to the shape of the barrel.  

The Fish Design Color Changing Pipe is not only a great pipe, but also a great glass design that would not look out of place in any showcase. Glass is one of the most widely used materials for smoking, and glass pipes range from small, simple handpieces to huge, complex and artistic creations. From early pipes made of hollowed out bones and animal horns, which are handmade, blown, shaped and shaped today, hand pipes are created that are equal to the brother of glass.   

Pipes come in many sizes, depending on what you want to use. The creative and artistic forces of the smoking industry have created some of the finest pipes, including bubbles, hookahs and even one-hitters like Chillum. If you need a good pipe for any kind of herbal mixture, pieces of glass can be helpful.  

Welcome to our Sooner Distributors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, your one-stop Cannabis Packaging, Dispensary Supplies & Smoke Shop Supplies to find your next strong and durable glass pipe that provides smooth smoke at an affordable price. Here are some of the reasons why our customers keep coming back for their pieces of glass.  

Borosilicate glass pipes, often referred to as "smoke bowls" or "smoke cartels," are perfect for tokens of all kinds. With our range of glass smoke pipes you can buy non-toxic, biodegradable glass that is clean and hygienic. To smoke your legal cannabis products, we sell glass hand pipes, bongs, blobs, glass bubbles and hookahs.  

Smoking through a pipe is a popular method to get up, and it has been a smoker's best friend for years. Water, however, is a complex accessory that requires you to take out your pipe and go outside to smoke when the moment comes.   

The best thing about the amazing glass smokehead design is that it is not expensive to make a glow-in-the-dark glass pipe, so anyone who has a regular glass pipe can afford a beautiful glass hand pipe. A high-quality glass pipe, as you smoke it every day, lasts for years, if you clean it properly. You don't have to worry about smoking, and if you start using more complex pipes like hookah pipes, this is not the best option.   

The Sherlock pipe, named after the favorite smoking device of the famous detectives, is one of the most classic glass pipes smoking accessories ever, and although it is made of wood, you will find many Sherlock pipes designs in our collection made of wood. Such artisanal pieces are fun to smoke, and many enjoy the feeling that their pipe is in harmony with a work of art and not with a smoking apparatus. The swirling pattern of this mini glass spoon pipe is a beautiful piece of glass that is perfect for traveling.   

Standard hand pipes are made by cool artists who use techniques such as carving, grinding, sandblasting and more to give the piece a texture, carving and feel that other glass brands cannot. Some of our designs include Animal Pipe, Chillum, Steamroller and Sherlock, to name a few. We also carry popular styles such as Steam Roller, Sherlock Pipe, Chillum spoon Pipe and carry unique and cool glass pipe bowls made by talented local glassblowers.

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