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Mylar bags

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Also known as stand-alone bags, these high-quality, anti-odour mylar bags, which are ideal for packaging edible products such as cannabis, are not only manufactured and printed in New York, but are also characterised by their durable quality and odour-preventing barrier. Mylar bags are undoubtedly the best odorless, vacuum sealed bags for cannabis packaging, and their durability is unparalleled, while their customizable properties make them perfect for promotional products.   

By giving customers a mylar bag in your cannabis pharmacy, they know they have a high-quality product in their hands. Smell-resistant, custom-made Mylar bags are what you offer your customers with cannabis. When customers buy weed in large quantities, the use of mylar bags to pack items helps keep products in the store for as long as they choose to use them, leaving online retailers satisfied and not disappointed customers.    

Mylar bags are a special type of anti-odour plastic bag used to pack marijuana and hemp edibles, as well as dozens of food and bath products, nuts, coffee, Epsom salts, etc. Smell-resistant mylar bags have long been the brain behind packaging and transportation decisions for growers and manufacturers, and they give you the assurance that your cured buds and edibles will stay in top shape when your customers are ready to open them. The XIT (r) Child Resistant Mylar Bag from ASTM and CPSC has been tested and is the perfect odourproof bag for cannabis packaging solutions.    

Biohazard, Inc. works closely with pharmacies by using mylar bags, airtight glass jars and other cannabis packaging tools to develop labels with recognizable branding and relevant product information. Follow the state laws around weed, and if you decide to sell your product in a container you can see, you may need to pack it in a Mylar bag.    

Combined with our certified, child-safe and resealable Mylar Bag technology, Mylar Bags meet government requirements for the sale of edibles, CBD and medical marijuana products. Local marijuana dispensaries and large online dispensaries are increasingly using Mylar bag packaging to sell marijuana buds to their customers. Mylar bags have also become the option to opt out of packaging a range of other cannabis products, including vaping cartridges, concentrates and jars.  

These resealable, odourproof bags make it easy for your customers to rely on the discretion and protection of Mylarkraut instead of foil bags. Mylar bags are known to prevent odors from escaping when visiting customers, and customers like them when transporting their products, knowing that every bag has a marijuana smell.  

The mylar barrier bag offers a versatile solution for the packaging of cannabis. Mylar is a popular material for making birthday balloons (the silver type, not the rubbery version), yogurt lids, coffee bags, roasting bags and other packaging for commercial products. Mylar is also used in the marijuana packaging industry to make flower bags.   

The Mylar bags & grove bags used today have a zipper mechanism that makes them reusable, and there is a zipper on the top so you always know where to try your product before it reaches your hands.   

Mylar bags are one of the most sought-after packaging for food and herbal supplements because of their strength, durability and ability to protect contents of Mylar bags from external influences such as air and moisture. If mylar child-resistant bags are not the right solution for you, you should look at the wide range of other packaging solutions. High-quality Mylar pre-rolls are more than just a bag for your packaging needs.   

Our high quality barrier bags are made with the best Mylar on the market (5 mil thick) and are available in different sizes. Dry Mighty bags are perfect for safe, child-safe transportation and storage of marijuana products. Mylar blocks UV rays and keeps products cool, and unlike plastic bags, it is not made with toxic chemicals.   

Marijuana enthusiasts know that you can't just throw your cannabis flowers in a bag on the countertop and store them. No other food storage solution comes close to matching the properties of Mylar.  

Check what local authorities allow (in Oklahoma, for example, retailers are expected to pack and sell units in opaque dispensing bags at the time of delivery) before making a decision to purchase cannabis packaging options.  

Our bags and bags are barrier packaging of the highest quality. They are characterized by a high nylon content, which makes the packaging extremely durable. Our Mylar Baggies are the best choice to meet your individual packaging needs to make your brand stand out.  

Mylar is a polyester film developed by DuPont in the mid-1950s. It is produced by stretching polyethylene terephthalate. Mylar has a number of innovative properties including high strength tensile strength, chemical stability, gas, UV and moisture resistance.  

Light and natural elements can deteriorate the quality of cannabis products over time. If you have young people at home, be sure to keep your cannabis products out of reach. Luckily you can visit Sooner Distributors in Tulsa, Oklahoma to gain access to mylar bags while you still can.

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