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Pop Top Containers

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Child-resistant pop-top bottles are the most popular child-resistant containers for packaging cannabis products. Pop-top Containers with an airtight cap and water-resistant design certified by the CPSC as Child Resistant DRAM are the perfect bottle to store and keep the product fresh. Best Medical Marijuana Containers Pop Top Bottle Pop Top Vial Premium Vial 150 PC 30 dram Black Pop Top Containers Full Case. Sooner Distributors is largest Supplies of Pop Top Containers & J-Tube in Tulsa Oklahoma.  

Plastic pop-top containers are affordable, durable, easy to use, effective and child-proof, or at least that's our thing. Pop-top bottle packs are designed for in-store display and are sold for up to fourteen grams of cannabis flowers, edibles or concentrates. The small bottles are the best pop-top containers you can buy, and the 27-inch sizes come with an attached pop-top, which means you have to squeeze the top two sides together to open the bottle and make sure the cap stays attached to the bottle.  Pop-top containers are the simplest form of child-proof packaging that can be used for cannabis storage containers. Pop-top cannabis bottles can be dismantled into child-proof caps and containers. You can make our other plastic pop-top containers tamper-proof by using our convenient shrink tapes and our tamper-proof pop-top for the entire package.   

Pop-top bottles have an airtight cap and moisture-resistant design, making them the perfect bottle to store and keep the product fresh while the flowers are processed in crevice form. Pop-top storage containers are also used to package medical marijuana flowers. One of the best options for those who want to buy the best pop-up containers to store weeds but not look for plastic products.   

Air and water are two of the main reasons why your weed loses its freshness and effectiveness, so pop-top containers help keep the marijuana stored in them fresh and easy to carry away. Our flip-top vials are the highest quality packaged containers in collective dispensaries. Each 13-dram container can store up to 2 grams of weeds per container, which means you can store up to 100 grams of weeds in a set of 50 containers in a van or cave and the best brands make the best pop-top container for storage of weeds.    

Pop-top storage containers are secured with a plastic sandwich bag that can be torn apart to allow a certain amount of airflow, and then sealed. Squeezecap Containers are an iconic symbol of the cannabis industry and they are the most common cannabis storage containers that everyone knows and can see on a pop-up. Pop-top containers are made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel to maintain an even temperature. This means you can be sure that your cannabis will stay fresh and not be exposed to unnecessary heat when stored in different places in your home.  

With a wide range of colors, designs and sizes, we have medical containers and vials that make it easy for you to efficiently organize your products. The child-proof design and squeeze-top features offer a way to safely pack medical and recreational products. The pop sound they make is as satisfying as amnesia when we hear it, while the containers and bottles are packed 

There are many different types of containers that can be used to store cannabis flowering. Provide high-quality marijuana containers to your customers that are child-safe, easy to use, and cost-effective. Actual product packaging materials contain more different information than presented on our Sooner Distributors website.    

Child-resistant bottles are the first line of plastic bottles produced with an integrated cap. It is necessary to squeeze the container from the side so that it opens.  

It is not uncommon for people to buy different container types and trunks, and they know exactly what to do with them when they open them. When the lid is opened, press the fluted area on top of the vial. Once opened, pressing the sides of the top creates the characteristic strong pop sound.  

We have designed and manufactured a plastic injection mould to produce the final product. We understand the market regulations for compliant marijuana packaging, so you don't have to worry. For more information about this product, please contact the manufacturer.  

The intention is to develop a range of tubes with which customers can package pre-rolled tubes, short pre-roll tubes, vape cartridges, flower concentrates, etc. Complete and compliant packaging combined with tamper-proof shrink tapes. Suitable for storing prescription drugs, marijuana and other medicines. 

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