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Airis Dabble Enail Banger (1 count)

Enail Banger

The Airis Dabble is a dual-use device that functions as both a water pipe attachment and standalone portable vaporizer for concentrates.

The feature-loaded Dabble vaporizer provides everything you need for hassle-free dab sessions at home and on the go and does so on a budget.

For starters, the Dabble attaches to your favorite rig with ease for smooth water filtration. Just attach the 14mm glass mouthpiece to the base and insert it into any corresponding female connection, or add on the silicone adapter to scale up to 19mm size if needed.

The Dabble by Airistech is powered by a large capacity 900mAh battery, which equates to ample power and extended battery life. The preinstalled Dabble coil contains a special patented quartz element for fresh, clean tasting clouds, especially when used with your favorite water rig. Replacing the Dabble coil is easy and hassle-free, thanks to its next-gen threadless magnetic design.